How it works


Gelatin Mixture

3 Tablespoon – Unflavored Gelatin (Knox, etc. – NOT Jell-O)
7 ½ Tablespoon – Water
Food Colors

*You can use larger or smaller qty of water/gelatin – just use 2 ½ parts water to 1 part gelatin.

• Place water in microwave safe bowl.
• Sprinkle gelatin on water and stir together, then let sit for a few minutes.
• Place in microwave in 10 second intervals, stirring with a wooden stir-stick each time until mix is clear and all gelatin is dissolved.
• Once dissolved and warmed, let it sit to allow the foam to rise to the top (may take 10-15 minutes depending on how hot gelatin was, and temp of your room), then gently spoon foam away. (You may need to do this a few times depending on your gelatin – different grades will produce more/less foam than others.)
• Once gelatin is clear, and foam is removed, reheat then add desired food color.
• You can re-warm this as needed.

Using the Sheets

• To use the sheets, you will work with warm gelatin and a soft bristle “floppy” brush.
• Spread a layer of gelatin mixture over the veining, making sure to go completely to the outline of the item.
To add wire:
• Method 1: dip a 28 or 30 ga. paper or cloth covered wire into the gelatin mixture, then lay on the back of the item, taking care to center it
• Method 2: lay the wire in the center of the petal before brushing the gelatin mixture over the veining, holding it still as you brush.
• Let this sit for 3-6 hours (depending on humidity/heat level in working area), and it will release itself from the mat once dry. Do not pull these off early as they will crinkle up as they finish drying.

To Finish Dry Petals:

• Trim edges of petals or wings with scissors (you can use scrap-booking scissors for added effects!)
• You can tape together flowers & leaves together at this point, or add additional  decorations before taping.
• Paint desired details with vodka/color mixture or food color markers (if using vodka/color mixture, be VERY sparing with this as too much moisture will dissolve the gelatin!)
• To add a little glitz – paint a thin layer of piping gel on desired area, then sprinkle with galaxy/pixie dust. Tap against a hard surface or finger to remove excess.

Butterfly & Dragonfly Body:

• Pipe body with royal icing directly on cake and insert completed wings, OR –
• Make bodies up ahead using royal icing, rolled fondant, or gumpaste and allow to dry.
• Attach finished wings with piping gel or royal icing.

These sheets may also be used to vein gum paste or fondant, as well as for chocolate!

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